100% outsourced, 100% growth in three years

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Our bid response team works with a number of retained clients’ to provide a completely outsourced pre-qualification (PQQ) and tender (ITT) response service. One of these clients, a specialist heating services contractor for local authorities and housing associations in East Anglia and the East Midlands, has worked with us in this way since June 2010. They had identified that directly employing their own bid writer was going to be very expensive and would not actually guarantee them the results that they were looking for.

With the benefit of hindsight, they can give themselves a big pat on the back! Since engaging our services, they have seen their annual turnover increase by a staggering 100%, with contract wins and re-tenders totalling an annual value of £11.6m.

We completed eight PQQs and tenders for them, for contracts worth between £350,000 and £3.8m. We achieved a PQQ success rate of 100% and an ITT success rate of 70%, five of which scored the highest quality score.


Significant project wins included:

  • Procurement Lincolnshire – three lots were applied for and won, worth a total of £3.8m per annum for five years
  • retaining a key housing trust framework worth £750,000 per annum for two years, previously won in partnership with Propeller. The quality submission scored 57/60, projecting them to first place, despite not being the lowest price
  • securing a new East Midlands-based, five year framework worth £1.5m per annum for a major national housing association.


Method of Working

We manage this client’s submissions using our EasyPQQ bid submission software. Over the past few years we have built up an extensive database of compelling responses, case studies, CVs and evidence that is used to complete the work in the most efficient way possible. The features of the software allow us to search for responses to previously asked questions, reuse graphics, attach files and automatically answer most pre qualification documents at the press of a button.

EasyPQQ also provides a database of standard, branded policies and procedures and our graphic designers add to this wherever bespoke information graphics are required to explain complex messages in an easy to understand way. We ensure that the graphic design input supports the written submission and provides the ultimate client confidence in our clients ability to deliver the project.

Must-win PQQs and complex tenders are initiated with a facilitated workshop with the client’s senior management team. This ensures that we analyse the client requirements, key values and deliverables. Using this information we collect evidence from the delivery teams that is relevant to the bid and introduce added value that aligns with their clients’ value drivers.

Final review and amends are undertaken collaboratively during a ‘red review’ and the work is then finally signed off by the client Managing Director.


End Client: Local Authorities and Housing Associations

Value: +£11.6m Annual Value of Contract Wins

Service Type: Tender response writing, Graphic design of response documentation, Project management and tender strategy, Review of written quality submission

Sectors: Mechanical, Electrical and Gas Servicing

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