Making sure that the incumbent remains incumbent

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Following on from a series of pre-qualification and ITT successes with the client, we were employed to respond to the Haringey Major Works Framework PQQ. As a result of the successful completion of this process, we then drafted the ITT quality response.

This project was extremely important to our client. They were already one of the incumbent contractors and historically had served around 15% of their workload for Haringey Council.


The services we provided included a complete review of the evidence that we had already accumulated them in respect of:

  • compliance
  • continuous improvement
  • value management & engineering
  • risk management
  • local employment


Our working processes led us to drafting the document in bullet point format, agreeing our approach, completing the detailed submission and producing the final submission document.


We were delighted to hear that our client secured a place on the framework In addition, they scored the highest for quality. The outcome of our collaborative working practices secured:

  • annual mini competition of around £25m;
  • the highest score on quality for the scheme;
  • an extensive volume of high quality answers and approaches for our client to use in further submissions by utilising our award-winning software, EasyPQQ.


End Client: Haringey Council

Value: £25m

Service Type: Tender response writing, Graphic design of response documentation, Project management and tender strategy, Review of written quality submission

Sectors: Construction, Education, Planned and Responsive Repairs, Design and Build

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