Propeller helps client secure rail contract

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Our client is the leading UK rail recruiter, who were looking to become one of just 4 main suppliers who would provide 70% of the contingent labour to Network Rail over the next 5 years. We were approached by the client three months before the intensive tender writing programme commenced.

We had previously worked with one of their sister companies on Network Rail’s Electrification tender so they were fully aware of our long history in successfully winning Network Rail tenders. Network rail are introducing new contracts with the aim of transforming their contingent labour workforce into a more professional, fairly remunerated and appropriately trained body of people that they will be able to call upon when the need arises.

They are also cutting the number of suppliers from 57 to 20 overall, with four core suppliers providing 70% of the workforce, in an effort to drive better employer behaviours, improve the quality of the supply chain and help ensure that workers are treated fairly.

Propeller‘s objectives were to ensure that our client demonstrated their core values of health and safety, training, pay and the supply of compliant workers within their bid and that they were all aligned to the objectives set out by Network Rail.


The services we provided included:

  • bid project management
  • strategy meeting and bid workshop with key members of our client’s operational team
  • facilitating a bid review sessions
  • providing comprehensive answer plans
  • bid writing
  • evaluating and improving their technical responses throughout the duration of the tender submission


End Client: Network Rail

Value: £100M over a 5 year period

Service Type: Strategic workshops, Review, Comprehensive Answer Planning, Revisions

Sectors: Rail

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