SME organisation beats National competition

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One of our specialities is representing smaller organisations on large frameworks. Our client contacted us to discuss the probability of succeeding in securing a place on the Scape EMPA Framework. The Framework involved the delivery of planned and responsive repairs services to a range of government organisations in the East Midlands.

Initially, we were concerned with regard to the size of the organisation and the value of work available to successful companies under the Framework. After initial discussions, it was agreed that the best way to approach this project would be to form a consortium with other local organisations and limiting the geographical spread of the application.


Throughout the project, we provided consultancy services which covered a broad range of activities, including:

  • advice on setting up the Consortia and the range of management tasks that it would be responsible for
  • developing a governance model that would satisfy the requirement of the Scape EMPA Framework
  • drafting the pre-qualification document
  • drafting the tender document
  • providing two sets of presentation materials
  • briefing the presentation team on answering the points raised during the meeting
  • completing the final solution document and advising on the financial submission
  • producing the employment & skills development plan
  • creating the Consortia brand, designing every submission document, printing them and delivering them to time


The project spanned the six month period and resulted in the award of the Framework, with a potential for up to £20million of construction work on an annual basis. Our client achieved third place on the financial aspect of the tender and received the top quality mark. This meant that overall they provided the best value bid.

Subsequently, we have assisted our client on many occasions and our collaborative relationship has resulted in them establishing themselves as a contractor of choice in Leicestershire, with major contracts secured for both City and County Council.


On a recent decent homes framework bid, their client said of a Propeller completed submission:

“All questions were fully answered and achieved very high scores. The overall score for this question and answer section was the highest of all bidders.

Despite the significant difference between your score and the highest score for the pricing model, you actually achieved the second highest mark, leaving you in a very strong position for the final interview stage.

Interview – As the only bidder to provide a written presentation at interview stage, you immediately demonstrated a level of professionalism over and above fellow bidders.

The document served to give greater insight into your company and the services that you deliver within the East Midlands. The ‘meeting’ was very productive, with good interaction between all attendees. The suggestions put forward demonstrated a commitment to achieving a positive outcome for all engaged in the framework.

Overall, the quality of submissions both for the PQQ stage and Stage 2 coupled with an excellent interview left very little potential for criticism, and assured you of a place on the framework.”


Their Managing Director also has high praise for our services:


“Working with Propeller has provided us with the ability to compete against major contractors with confidence. Not only have we secured more work through our engagement with Andy and his team, we have changed the way in which we manage our business. Highly recommended.”


End Client: Scape EMPA Framework

Value: £25M

Service Type: Tender response writing , Graphic design of response documentation , Project management and tender strategy, Review of written quality submission

Sectors: Planned and Responsive Repairs

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