How Construction Management Software Can Help UK Firms Manage Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency.

Decarbonisation and energy efficiency are two key aspects of the UK government’s plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The construction sector, which accounts for about 10% of the UK’s carbon footprint, has a vital role to play in this transition. However, meeting the new standards and regulations, such as the Building Act 2021 and the Future Homes and Buildings Standard 2025, can pose significant challenges for construction firms. This is where construction management software such as EasyBOP can help.

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Construction administration systems boost efficiency. Not only can they help maximise resources, simplify processes and eliminate paperwork. But they can also help firms comply with the new regulations and standards for decarbonisation and energy efficiency.

Using a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from any device, firms can have real-time visibility into every aspect of their projects and make informed decisions based on real time data.

Some software solutions can integrate with accounting systems to provide cost management and financial reporting. This can help firms monitor their carbon emissions and energy consumption, as well as identify potential savings and incentives.

Moreover, some apps can also support quality and safety management, such as site diaries, inspections and incidents. This can help firms mitigate risks and ensure that their projects meet the required performance criteria. Deploying EasySmartForms is an excellent way to digitally capture site information required by the Building Act 2021.

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These cloud-based tools can also help firms adopt innovative working practices to enhance their green credentials. For example, they enable digital collaboration and document management, which can reduce paper waste and improve information sharing.

So you can see, construction management software can be a valuable tool for construction firms that want to manage decarbonisation and energy efficiency. By using software solutions that are tailored to their needs, firms can improve their productivity, profitability and sustainability in the long run. All whilst remaining compliant.

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