Government's New Construction Procurement Pipeline

posted on: 31st July 2020 by Propeller Studios

The construction sector is coming back to life, and with it, so does the resurgence of available work to tender for.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) have recently published the Procurement Pipeline, which details 340 contracts and 260+ projects, with an estimated value £37bn over the next year. 

What is the new Procurement Pipeline?

The new National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline comes at a moment of pandemic crisis. Construction workers across the country have played a vital role in keeping the country running, with much of their work being critical in supporting people’s everyday lives. This ranges from building hospitals, to maintaining crucial transport and utilities networks, and ensuring buildings are kept safe.

Work on much of the country’s essential infrastructure has not been stalled by the current crisis. Due to the effects of lockdown, infrastructure projects have been able to take advantage of the reduced car traffic to make crucial repairs to roads. This includes key schemes being brought forward to achieve Government priorities such as the A14 in Cambridgeshire, where £20 million of work was completed over the Easter weekend, helping the project to open to traffic early. 

What sectors will the Procurement Pipeline cover?

The Procurement Pipelines covers many sectors, including utilities, transport, social infrastructure, and housing and regeneration. 

How much work is out there?

The Government’s ambition to continue investing in the country’s infrastructure was set out at Budget 2020 and is reaffirmed by the scale of procurements included in this pipeline. Between £29 billion and £37 billion of contracts across economic and social infrastructure will be brought to market over the next year. By publishing this pipeline now, with project information at a more granular level than ever before, you are now provided with better visibility and certainty of current and future project flow, in order to help companies rebound from this crisis.

The infrastructure and construction sectors are and will continue to be essential to our country’s recovery. The wellbeing and prosperity of everyone in the UK depend on how we rebuild our economy, and transform our infrastructure and public services.

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How can we win the work?

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