Re-Tender submissions

posted on: 17th December 2019 by Propeller Studios

Whether you won the contract last time or are trying to win it this time, the fundamental elements of a bid remain the same. However, when you re-tender, there are certain elements of the submission that you should particularly focus on.

As the existing delivery partner you have an inside knowledge of what is expected and how things work. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are putting this to your advantage.

The Propeller Bid Response team have helped many incumbent clients be reappointed to existing contracts. The areas we focus particular attention when writing re-tenders include:


The most important thing to do when re-tendering is to make sure that you answer the question that is being actually asked; not what you think it should be.

Answering the question based solely on your existing knowledge of the contract could mean you won’t cover everything asked for. This can leave you non-compliant, losing marks or even having your bid rejected.

If you believe the question doesn’t truly reflect the ‘reality’ of the contract, discuss it with the client. See if the question can be altered, or you could even include an alternative solution, in addition to a compliant one.

Case Studies & Evidence

Demonstrating relevant past performance is integral to any winning bid. However, you need to strike a balance between using examples from the existing contract and from other successful projects.

Too many examples from the existing contract may come across as a lack of innovation; too few will do you a disservice, especially if you have exceeded the client’s expectations.

Never assume that the reader knows about your current performance. They will only be able to give marks for what is included within the proposal, so you will be missing out on a golden opportunity if you do not draw on your knowledge of the client and current contract.

Ensure the bid contributors are actively engaged with the delivery team. This is so that they can gather the evidence required and fully understand the business’s performance. When the evidence and performance data is compiled, you must detail how it is influencing new solutions and driving innovation.

The client will be expecting to see how you plan to improve in the next contract, with existing contract performance being clearly shown as the main factor in driving improvement. This will demonstrate how your solution is responsive to the client’s needs and, when bolstered by appropriate evidence, should put you ahead of your competitors’ solutions.

Cultural Fit

As the existing contractor, you have the benefit of understanding the client’s culture and strategic objectives. Demonstrate how you have created synergy with the client, helping them achieve their goals, and the added value you continue to provide. Your submission should fully reflect how you have successfully collaborated and integrated with the client to deliver an exceptional service.

Address the changes

Even if the specification is the same as the previous bid, you must draw on your experience, the changes in the sector, technology and current best practice. You must do this to demonstrate that you are a forward-thinking business that is always seeking to make continual improvements.

All changes in the specification, no matter how subtle, should be addressed in your solution and reflected in your tender submission. List out all the changes the client has requested and ensure you regularly refer to it during the bid process, ensuring none of them are missed.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Bid responses are aspirational. You should focus on what you will deliver to the client to meet its future requirements, not simply rely on ‘what you have done before’. Continuous improvement should be at the heart of your solution

Using your knowledge of the existing contract, create solutions that are truly innovative, and evidence the solutions with examples from working with other clients or industry data.

Your competitors will be focussing on change and reformation; you need to create an equal balance between experience and innovation, as this can be a key differentiator in your response.

Propeller’s Expertise

We would always recommend that you seek an external source to review your re-tender submissions. Propeller will review your bid with an objective eye, and highlight the areas that need improvement.

Alternatively, we have vast experience in writing winning bids across the full spectrum of construction sectors.

The Propeller Bid Team have long-standing experience in helping incumbent contractors win re-tender contracts, and specialise in helping our clients raise themselves above the competition.

We write to win – contact us today on 01462 440077 or via our online form to find out how we can help you.