Should I outsource my bid writing?

You’re under a lot of strain – you’re understaffed, under resourced, and now you’ve been tasked with writing a bid. Now you haven’t got enough time to do your own job. What do you do? Consider outsourcing your tenders to an expert bid consultancy who live and breathe bids.

Is it cost effective?

You need to think about the cost – the reason you’re taking on the bid internally is to save money, right? You might be making a saving short-term by doing it yourself. However, if you don’t win the work because it isn’t up to scratch, then you’ll lose even more money. Wouldn’t it be better to get it right from the outset, and give yourself the best chance possible to win?

It’s a myth that outsourcing is expensive. It is a cost effective method of securing work, especially if you pick a consultancy that is good value for money. In addition, you are also saving money on recruitment costs. Rather than hiring an in-house bid writer, where you would have to pay them an annual salary, the beauty of outsourcing is that you only have to pay the consultants as and when you need them. Due to the ad-hoc nature and timings of when bids are worked on, using bid consultants on a bid-by-bid basis or an agreed monthly payment scheme would benefit your organisation. It would also save you money.

Will it relieve my capacity?

You want to be able to focus on the core running of your business. It is likely you didn’t get into your job to write bids. Tasks are often distributed amongst staff members to save time and money. In the case of bid writing, senior management are often the ones who are tasked with it. By outsourcing your bid writing, you are instantly reducing your to-do list. You can then focus on your day-to-day job, knowing that the bid is in the hands of professionals.

Will I save time?

You could save a lot of time by outsourcing your bid writing, especially if it’s not your main role. You’re trying to run your business, manage your staff and write a bid all at the same time. By outsourcing, you will now have time to focus on operational activities without the worry and strain of looming deadlines.

What can an outsourced team do for me?

The bid consultants will provide their professional expertise and guidance on how the bid will be tackled. It can be very beneficial to have more than one pair of eyes looking over it. With a collaborative approach to the bid, ideas that weren’t originally thought of will be generated. They will offer advice on improvements throughout the entire bid process.

Bid professionals have a lot of experience to draw from on how bids can be successful. This gives you the best chance of securing the work. In addition, you and your team will also benefit because you can draw on their existing knowledge. Therefore, this is great for the personal development of your team. Think of the consultant as your ‘critical friend.’

Is outsourcing admitting defeat?

There is also the matter of your pride. You may feel like you can take it all on your own shoulders, but there is no shame in asking for help. By outsourcing your bid writing, the consultants will work with you and manage the process on your behalf. They can manage all your submissions, build up a database of compelling case studies and much more. You don’t have to go it alone.

Who should I go with?

You’ve made the decision to outsource your bids. Now you’re searching for a reputable organisation with a proven track record in securing work for their clients. There are many out there and it can be daunting trying to figure out who to pick. Well, look no further than Propeller Studios!

Comprising of experienced, qualified and professional consultants, our in-house bid writing team has successfully worked with a vast number of retained clients. We provide a completely outsourced pre-qualification (PQQ) and tender (ITT) response service. We understand the pain points that many businesses experience and will work with you to achieve success and secure you work.

Our team use EasyPQQ bid submission software to manage your bids. The software allows us to search for responses to previously asked questions, re-use graphics, attach files and automatically answer most pre-qualification documents at the press of a button.

See how our outsourced bid service helped one of our clients to increase their turnover by 100% by clicking here.

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