Spring Tender Pipeline

posted on: 17th March 2021 by Propeller Studios

The government has invested billions in the country’s infrastructure, as set out in in the 2020 budget. The Procurement Pipeline details 340 contracts and 260+ projects, with an estimated value of £37bn over the coming months. 

The pipeline provides long-term visibility of where economic and social infrastructure is being planned and who is building it. 

The infrastructure and construction sectors are and will continue to be essential to our country’s recovery. The wellbeing and prosperity of everyone in the UK depend on how we rebuild our economy and transform our infrastructure and public services.

The projects in this pipeline include a vast range of works across infrastructure and construction, such as:

• Construction work including building, design and build, and civil engineering contracts.

• Repair and maintenance services

• Architectural, construction, engineering, and inspection services

• Consultancy Services

Construction work including building, design & build and civil engineering makes up over half of the work going out to market in 2020/21. Of the remaining estimated contract value, £7.9 billion to £11.6 billion is architectural and engineering services, £0.6 billion to £0.8 billion is research and development and consultancy services and £3.2 billion to £5.7 billion is repair and maintenance services.

The Government will continue to procure new work to support the economy and build resilience. There is a winning capability in the UK, and by government and industry working together to expand this we will support the sector to grow and thrive.

What sectors are covered?

The Procurement Pipelines covers many sectors, including utilities, transport, social infrastructure, and housing and regeneration

You can find out more regarding the pipeline below, to allow you to make informed decisions as the industry recovers from COVID-19.

Find out more about the Pipeline

How can we win the work?

You have come to the right place. Our Bid Consultancy team are qualified and experienced construction professionals. Unlike many of our competitors, our Bid Writing Team are not only skilled and experienced bid writers able to craft persuasive and bid winning text, they are also qualified construction professionals with experience from working in both SMEs and national contractors. 

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