Stand out from the crowd with compelling case studies

posted on: 13th December 2019 by Propeller Studios

Your case studies are one of the key areas where you can differentiate yourself from your competition

Including the relevant information in your case studies and highlighting all of the added value you brought to a project will help position you as a potential supplier for the contract. When you are asked to include case studies, it is important to include those projects that relate to the contract you are bidding for. For example, however good your examples of work in schools are, if the contract is for a hospital, companies demonstrating a track record of building hospitals will be favoured. Don’t overload the reader with the life story of the project or intricate technical details; focus on the facts.

We suggest you cover these key areas when building a case study:

  • Key Information
  • Client Name
  • Project Name
  • Form of Contract
  • Duration
  • Contract Value
  • Brief Description
  • Brief Description

Typically you have 500 words to describe a project, therefore keep information factual. Detail how you added value; any challenges that you encountered and how you developed a solution to resolve them. What lessons did you learn that enabled you to improve your processes and will take forward onto future projects? Were there any cost savings or KPIs that demonstrate excellent customer satisfaction and exemplar delivery? Did you win any awards or receive any accreditation or recognition from your industry, client or peers?

Client Testimonial

Including a client testimonial is an effective and powerful way of adding more value to your case study by providing evidence and instilling confidence in the reader. A short paragraph from your client is all you need, but if they are too busy and can’t write a testimonial, consider drafting something yourself and asking them to confirm they are happy to put their name against it.

Project Photos

Gathering high quality project photos throughout the duration of a project will gradually build a library of images that you can use on both your CVs and case studies. It helps immensely if they are well lit or taken on a bright day with a blue sky. Studies indicate that clients respond more positively to photographs which focus on outcomes for them. Photographs of completed buildings or finished products being enjoyed by delighted end users send a positive message that you deliver on your promises.

Experienced Bid Writers

Our bid writers have the experience to identify the added value benefits our clients have brought to previous projects, expertly developing them into a convincing and winning narrative which helps them to pre-qualify and ultimately tender successfully for new work. If you would like our help to improve your case studies, contact us on 01462 440077 or complete the enquiry form.