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Don't waste valuable time, resources and money chasing tenders that you are not in a position to win. Complete the form below and our free bid / no bid tool will provide you with our assessment of the suitability of a specific tender or pre-qualification opportunity to your business.

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We can also provide a comprehensive analysis of the further information that you should research and a summary of the competitive advantages and disadvantages that your answers represent.


Bid / No Bid Response Tool


Our easy-to-use bid tool simply requires the input of some scores (from 1 to 5) for a number of factors and will provide a quick assessment of the win potential.


Thank you to Propeller Studios for all your help and support. All has gone smoothly and your input certainly reduced stress levels all round. So thanks again. 

Architects Practice, Architecture

We achieved a pass rate 


Pre-qualification stage

The largest win was the Department for Education's


Schools' framework

Our smallest win was for a contractor



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