Cloud-based construction management software

EasyBOP, Your Business Operations Platform

Digital construction is at the forefront of industry discussions more and more and companies are looking increasingly at different solutions to move their businesses forward.

Here at Propeller Studios we have been working for over 20 years to develop new software and apps to drive the industry towards the new way of working in a digital world.

We have created a business operations platform “EasyBOP” which is a powerful digital construction toolkit. Built around scalable modules, the software can be used to manage individual contracts, or an entire construction business.


Developed by construction industry experts for the UK construction sector, EasyBOP supports contracts administration, planned works, project management, staffing, HR and compliance. It enables better collaboration, monitoring and reporting. This drives efficiency, reduces risk and facilitates better decision making.

EasyBOP has been designed by the UK construction industry for the UK construction sector, with its development path being driven by its users.

The construction management software is relevant to you regardless of the services you supply or the size of your business. We have other software solutions built for the construction industry ready to deploy that could be just what you need.

New Users will benefit from a detailed and defined implementation and Training process, based upon your exact business requirements from our UK based support team.

Finding a project management construction software application that covers all the needs of your growing business is challenging.

EasyBOP provides solutions to common business management problems, across the entire spectrum of your business operations. It can also interface with other software products.

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