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Our team consists of highly experienced construction industry professionals

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Propeller Studios Ltd is a successful bid consultancy and SaaS business. Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire we specialise in the construction industry and related sectors.

Our team consists of highly experienced construction industry professionals. We understand the challenges of winning, managing and administering contracts. We know your pain points, we see your bottlenecks and most importantly, we have solutions ready to deploy.

Our bid consultancy division specialise in writing winning bids and proposals for construction tenders.

Over several decades, we have built business operations and document management software. Our applications are used by many UK and International companies for the purpose of business operations and tender management.

We also offer bespoke programming with a unique construction industry perspective.

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About Office Screen

Our interconnected software portfolio consists of:


The mobile deployment app for all site-based data collection activities. It helps firms with their journey to a paperless working environment by digitising forms and checklists.


The cloud-based Business Operations Platform in which all smart forms are processed for reporting. EasyBOP is a powerful construction management toolkit with contracts management, planned works and compliance functionality.


Cloud-based bid and tender management software optimised for the construction industry. Featuring the latest AI technology to accelerate advanced search and document authoring. It can save bid managers up to 80% in bid submission time.

These software applications for the construction industry are brought to you by Propeller Studios.

"We’ve just achieved a perfect score in the pre-qualification stage of a tender. Seriously impressive!"

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