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Bespoke Programming

Benefit from decades of construction industry insight

Are you looking for a digital construction software solution tailored specifically to your business?

We offer bespoke programming with a unique construction industry perspective.

We welcome custom software requests from firms keen to benefit from Industry 4.0 technology, AI automation and Building Information Modelling (BIM). We can help you harness the power of data to transform productivity, improve profitability, streamline operations, and provide better commercial insight.


Clients we have worked with

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  • Customer-convenience

    EasyBOP is brilliant! It provides us with a platform that not only runs our contracts, but also the wider business. We can accurately measure the works completed and produce invoices that match, this combined with the evidence and information we record against each contract means we encounter fewer financial queries from clients and so are paid swiftly.

    Director at an asbestos remediation company

  • Paperless

    EasyBOP makes us feel better connected to each other and to site. We feel we now have clarity over the status of live contracts. The information stored in EasyBOP enables good decision making on important business and contract issues. We also feel it enables our customers and staff to know that we listen and respond. We like EasyBOP a lot! It delivers on our expectations and EasyBOP are quick to support any questions or issues.

    Director at an asbestos removal company

  • Long standing client

    We’ve been using EasySmartForms for a few years now, so that’s given us a real insight into the areas we need to work on and it’s helped us as a team to get better at what we do. I often recommend EasySmartForms to others; even to competitors!

    Phillip N – Asbestos Removal Company

  • Customer-support

    EasyBOP sits at the core of our operations, particularly in Business Development and Contract Management. EasyBOP is used throughout our business and the consistent feedback we receive is that everyone enjoys using it and can see the benefits. Its continual development has ensured it keeps pace with modern working practices and legislation while delivering accurate reports in real-time. It is an excellent system that fulfils all our requirements.

    Director – Concrete Repairs

  • Helping businesses improve

    We have enjoyed a close working relationship with EasySmartForms throughout our 15 year history. They have been agile and responsive whilst maintaining the integrity of their systems at all levels e.g. security and operational functionality. They are open to the change and challenges required by their clientele in an ever demanding environment.

    Diane L – Provider of housing solutions

  • Save Time

    EasySmartForms has transformed our operational efficiency. Staff productivity has increased and now site admin is almost entirely paperless. I wish we’d made the leap years ago as the whole process was relatively painless to implement. Onboarding and training is comprehensive, plus the support team are excellent. Price plans are flexible, so as our business grows, we will add more users. Highly recommended!

    Frank P – Regional Contractor


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