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Respond faster to new business opportunities

Propeller has pioneered the advancement of AI-Powered Software for Bids, Proposals, RFPs and Tenders.

We embarked on the journey out of necessity. Our busy bid teams work on simultaneous bid management projects. They needed a way to automate repetitive processes, collaborate remotely with clients and ensure complete accuracy.

Built around our best practice bid response methodology, EasyPQQ was born. We proved that our bid management software could save an average of 45% on PQQ and bid submission times. Construction firms around the UK and bid managers from many industry sectors now use EasyPQQ to save time, improve quality and win more contracts.


Benefits of our AI bid software

  • 01-Bid-Automation-Auto Suggest

    Auto-Suggest Responses

    Auto-suggest responses for an entire submission based on previous answers
  • 02--Bid-Automation-Progressively Rank

    Progressively Rank

    Progressively rank successful answers and supporting evidence over time
  • Retrieve Information

    Retrieve information quickly and accurately regardless of the file type
  • Smart Indexing

    Smart Indexing of written responses and document uploads automatically
  • Advanced Integration

    Advanced integration of document publishing and project management tools

Clients we have worked with

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  • Customer-convenience

    We are massively thankful for your assistance. We knew we had great support from the outset. We were so confident in the quality of the technical submission by Propeller that we could go in higher on the commercial side giving us more wriggle room at mini competition stage and making the project more commercially viable for us.

    Regional SME Building Contractor-Construction

  • Paperless

    We can put together any professional document in-house (not just tenders and PQQ’s,) which for a small company like ours saves us a lot of money by not having to use external graphics companies. We can also search all our previous answers, which enables us to fill in most questionnaires quickly, saving resources.

    Trudy S – Marketing & Business Development Manager

  • Long standing client

    What can I say? We hired you because this was a must win opportunity and you came highly recommended. We won! I’m delighted and will contact you about the mini competitions when the documents are released.

    South East Regional Contractor-Major Works Framework

  • Customer-support

    Great product and simple to use. Good proposal software tool which covers all the key elements of bid management. Search content and managing functions are both very good and it has significantly improved the quality of our output. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve the quality of their bids.

    Chris B – Head of Bids

  • Helping businesses improve

    EasyPQQ has greatly improved our bid writing process. By collating all bid information in one searchable database, that can be interrogated by question or answer keywords, we have saved a great deal of time in drawing up bids and has improved our bid quality and win ratio over the time we have been using it.

    Phil N – Operations Director

  • Save Time

    For the team as a whole I’d say that the most benefits from the actual system itself is to do with saving time, so very quickly we are able to pull the information together. We’ve found that it’s been very, very, useful in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend EasyPQQ it saves time and energy and it’s a well presented tool.

    Luke H – Senior Bid Manager


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