The Benefits of Bid Automation Software for Winning Construction Tenders

Bid automation software can be a powerful tool. It helps firms streamline and optimise the process of creating and submitting proposals for construction projects.

Increasingly augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, bid management software can help with tasks such as creating and sending bid requests, tracking bids and comparing bids.


Some of the most notable benefits are:

• Streamlining the bidding process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. Contractors can manage multiple bids simultaneously, collaborate with team members, and track subs’ responses in real-time.

• Organising bid data, documents, and communications in one centralised place. This reduces the risk of losing or misplacing important information, and makes it easier to access and share key information with relevant stakeholders.

• Improving quality and consistency of proposals by ensuring best practices, standards, and compliance requirements are followed for each tender. Bid automation software can also help businesses leverage their existing content and data, such as previous bids, project portfolios, case studies, testimonials, and performance metrics. For example, bid management software such as EasyPQQ uses AI to help retrieve responses from your existing knowledge library.

• A good bid management system such as EasyPQQ will help you track your bid status and workloads in real time. Contractors can monitor the progress of each bid and identify any potential issues or delays. They can also manage their team workloads and assign tasks accordingly.

• Enabling remote working and collaboration. Contractors and subcontractors can access the software such as EasyPQQ from any device and location, as long as they have an internet connection. This allows them to work on the bids anytime and anywhere and stay connected with their team members.

• Ensuring safety and security of the bid data through encryption and authentication methods to protect from unauthorized access or tampering. It also provides backup and recovery options. You should expect your UK supplier to be ISO27001 accredited and adopt rigorous information governance procedures.


So there you have it, bid automation software can be a valuable tool for construction companies who want to simplify and streamline their bidding process, and improve their chances of winning more projects.

Crucially, it is not a replacement for human expertise and creativity in the bid process. Rather, it is a support system that enhances the capabilities and efficiency of the bid team. Therefore, businesses should invest in both skilled bid writers and proposal automation software to achieve the best results in winning tenders.